Jiequn Guo, Professor, Ph.D.
Director of NISCI

In 2016, the municipal government of Ningbo partnered with MIT to establish Ningbo China Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (NISCI), the newest member of MIT Global SCALE Network (Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence Network) and the first of its kind in China.

NISCI is located in the busiest port in the world by tonnage, and also in one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Given NISCI’s strategic location, our institute is a premier center for supply chain research and education. We are actively building collaborative systems for innovation through deeply-integrated work with both academics and industries around the world. In addition, NISCI is committed to provide excellent education for younger generations who are determined to work in the field of supply chain management. To date, the institute has modeled master's degree and executive education programs after MIT's curriculum, teaching methods, and evaluation systems in order to foster international talent.

With the rapid advancement of technology, globalization remains a trend to continue. Together with our partners in the MIT SCALE Network, we can make our positive contribution to the society. We welcome you to visit us and/or team with us to make dreams into reality.