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NISCI endeavours to get in involved with industries, especially in supply chain and transportation spectrum. The mission of corporate outreach in NISCI is to establish the alliance to foster the knowledge and value innovation and transformation. Our Supply Chain Exchange is a robust, flexible corporate outreach program that offers three levels of engagement so that all organizations have an opportunity to participate in the long run: Exchange Program, Research Program and Strategy Program. Under these collaboration guidelines, corporates could be tailored to reinforce their own operational management competencies, furthermore, to improve the entire industry supply chain management level and to foster industry transformation.



The Exchange Program forms an active community of companies in which every individual could share a common goal of leveraging cutting-edge research into competitive advantages in practice for supply chain management. Joining the Supply Chain Exchange is the foundation for all corporate interaction with NISCI. Engaging with NISCI starts with the Exchange Program and grows through deeper engagement in NISCI research and strategic partnership.


NISCI will host a series of forums, seminars and roundtables with industry practitioners to exchange the insights and perspectives. Practitioners that benefit most from our Exchange Program are: the early and in-depth transfer of research learnings and results, and to better understand the supply chain cutting theoretical and practical achievements.

Past events:


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Partners can join one or more Research Groups. Research Groups bring together companies with a strong interest in particular supply chain issues, offering them a front row seat to emerging innovations. Enterprises could work with NISCI faculties on specific practical issues, build up personal connections to researchers, faculties, students and even people from other companies.

Partners could sponsor and participate in researches which are relevant to enterprise real problems. Our students or faculties will work on the research projects and deliver solutions for the sponsored partners. For large scope projects, NISCI will turn to global experts within our MIT SCALE Network for collaboration. The project will last around 6 months or even longer in terms of the problem itself.

Research Program Request and Application:

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Programs from MIT SCALE Network:

MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics

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Zaragoza Logistics Center

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Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation

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Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Strategic Partners enjoy the highest level of interaction with NISCI and MIT Global SCALE Network in supply chain and logistics. They comprise an advisory group for NISCI and have rights to complimentary participation in all of the NISCI's offerings, including membership in all Research Groups. The intent of the Strategic Partners category is threefold:

1. To establish a peer group of senior supply chain executives who can advise and assist one another as they lead their respective organizations through far-reaching transformation

2. To establish a senior-level resource for NISCI in the Center's efforts to coordinate, marshal, and direct its considerable resources in supply chain research and education

3. To partner with MIT to add value to society at the intersection of supply chain and public policy and interest

NISCI will broadly commit in the industry, collaborate work with industry on the specific research. The research primarily focuses on 6 research modules, but not limited to:

l  Aviation Policy and Transportation

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Due to short investment cycle, fast speed and strong security, China aviation industry will play an important role in the future domestic and foreign exchanges, and will make a positive contribution to the global manufacturing industry, trade circulation industry, cultural communication and other fields. However, there are still many deficiencies which affect the development of China's aviation industry in terms of policy, operation and business ecology. NISCI will make contributions to the improvement of aviation industry efficiency.

l  Freight Transportation and Delivery

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Given that China's logistics industry has long been an important share in the GDP, it ranks the third place out of the overall profit’s source. In recent years, China's logistics and transportation industry has developed rapidly, but it has a certain gap with foreign advanced logistics industry in terms of standardization, cooperative management and transportation efficiency. NISCI will focus on China logistics industry capability and efficiency based on the frontier theory and practice of global logistics industry.


l  Smart Transportation

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With the development of intelligent equipment and internet technology, urban transportation is gradually developing towards intellectualization. Urban mobility has become an important issue that affects the livelihood of the nation. Especially in the shared economy, traffic monitoring and scheduling, integrated traffic design areas, there is still a big space for further development. The institute will work with well-known experts around the world on these topics.

l  Supply Chain Finance

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Supply chain finance execution is based on the mature bank lending system and the transparent industry credit system. In the future, the logistics and goods transactions will be widely applying supply chain finance policy to deal with the supply chain management bottleneck. Meanwhile, it will have a great influence on the design of the supply chain finance model after the new technology introduction including block chain technology.

l  Global Supply Chain Management


As the manufacturing and service industries entering the wave of globalization, it leads to the global manufacturing shifting and the integration of supply chain. Furthermore, it has made influence on the global production resources allocation and the global trade. In this context, the manufacturing global deployment, cross-border e-commerce and intelligent manufacturing are booming. Meanwhile, the supply chain system will be critically significant for all the prosperity.

l  Sustainable Supply Chain


In the long run, supply chain management has to balance the economic and social benefits of enterprises. In the upgrading of manufacturing, goods circulation and supply capacity, the human health, low-carbon solution and sustainability topics should be taken into enterprise strategy. The sustainable supply chain could positively be achieved through the transparency and traceability of supply chain, lean and green supply chain strategy.

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