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A Tailor-made Program

NISCI regularly partners with a range of companies and organizations, and each of these collaborations results in a customized executive education experience. Customized programs give organizations the opportunity to focus on specific issues closely in line with the organization’s own goals. This can include issues such as strategies for global operations, supply chain design, and sourcing.


Our programs are further designed to address an organization’s specific challenges. Utilizing theoretical frameworks, conceptualization, and unique action learning methodologies, they create a dynamic learning experience that leads to significant and meaningful real-world results.     


NISCI will work together with you to design and implement a customized program built to target the unique challenges, priorities and opportunities that your company faces. As the leading supply chain education center in China, NISCI is a highly effective tool that can support the transformation and development of your company’s supply chain capabilities.            

We work with a range of clients including Chinese firms, multi-national corporations and government agencies. Clients are our highest priority:  we will work with you in close collaboration to design and deliver a learning experience that will bring tangible and meaningful results to your company’s operations and offerings.

First, your organization’s senior management will meet with a team made up of NISCI faculty and staff. Next, you will share with us your organization’s needs, culture, and goals; this will help NISCI collaborate with you to craft a program that addresses your primary challenges. Depending on your needs, the program length can range from a few days up to several months —our primary goal is to fulfill all of the agreed upon objectives. Companies may also rotate their management staff through our executive education programs in order to maintain a long-term commitment to the development of new talent and excellence in management.



NISCI will work closely with your organization to develop a learning experience that aligns with your specific needs and supports your company’s strategic goals. We begin by assessing the business and learning objectives of your company, along with the desired outcomes. In addition, we will strive to gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s needs, business strategies and corporate culture.



NISCI will conduct a thorough analysis of your company's strategic priorities, corporate culture, and the specific needs and challenges that it faces. With the guidance and assistance of your team, we will gather information to shape the course’s overall design and content. We will further use this information to plan lectures, case studies and projects targeting your company’s needs.



Our customization team will work closely with you and NISCI faculty members to create a course module and curriculum specifically tailored to your organization. Each customized program incorporates the best applications, case studies, models and tools that empower leaders to directly apply newly acquired knowledge and methodologies in the workplace. Every aspect of the program—from curriculum and learning materials to group assignments—is carefully tailored to maximize the program's impact on your organization.
In a collaborative, multi-step process that typically requires several months, we will work with you and your organization to design a training program customized to meet your needs.



Based on the curriculum produced during the Design Phase, the NISCI customization team will present a draft proposal for the program. This draft proposal represents a collaborative effort between the customization team, NISCI faculty and designated representatives from your company. When the draft proposal is finalized, the NISCI team will move ahead to develop specific course content including case studies, field visits, as well as company specific projects. If course related logistical issues arise, NISCI manages them with the utmost professionalism and expertise. Because of its academic setting, we recommend programs be held at our Ningbo campus; it effectively removes managers from their day-to-day work environment and allows them to try out new ideas in a risk-free setting.



NISCI will actively seek feedback on content, course delivery and faculty during or after each module, providing a basis for continuous refinement.
For many companies, customized curriculum is an integral part of carefully orchestrated executive development strategies. Companies can initially have a single group of executives  participate, slowly expanding the program to include more management staff over time. During this process, the customization team engages in an ongoing assessment of participant needs, program design and course content.
After courses have been completed, we include a wide range of assessment activities. These range from participant and company sponsor surveys to a review of program objectives, content, and methodologies conducted in the context of the evolution of both the company and industry. We can also facilitate the implementation of a client action plan, allowing you to get a decisive handle on the real challenges within your organization.

In addition to its valuable and unique integration of knowledge and resources, NISCI offers companies:

• Access to the world’s leading experts
• A dedicated team that supports the program from start to finish, including design, delivery and evaluation
• State-of-the-art models, tools, concepts and opportunities that transform innovative ideas into practice
• Collaborations that produce key insights and highlight new ways to approach complex issues
• Interdisciplinary methodologies that integrate management, science and technology to meet current and future challenges
• Approaches that develop both the breadth and scope of learning, yielding applicable, real-world results
• Transformational outcomes—executives who think strategically and lead collaboratively with broadened perspectives, increased confidence, and a higher skill level.

Organizational Needs & Expectations

• Strategy, value & culture
• Challenges and prioritization
• Talent development
• Leadership
• Supply chain excellence.

Participants’ Educational Needs

• Career development
• Leadership capabilities
• Management and professional skills
• Strategic supply chain management tools and critical thinking.

As a member of MIT Global Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence (SCALE) Network, NISCI is an institution dedicated to transportation, logistics and supply chain management education and research. The MIT Global SCALE Network is an international alliance of leading research and education centers dedicated to the development of supply chain and logistics excellence through innovation. Launched in 2008, the MIT Global SCALE Network now spans Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia with over 13 graduate and executive education programs, 90 supply chain and logistics faculty and research partners, 100 corporate and organization partners, and more than 1,000 alumni working worldwide. Utilizing the MIT Global SCALE Network, NISCI offers educational programs with a heavy international influence taught by faculty members with global experience; most of our instructors boast consulting and industry experience with leading multi-national companies. We equip our executive program participants with the best methods and applications based on real corporate case studies from around the globe.

For more than four decades, the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (MIT CTL) has been a world leader in supply chain management education and research. Established as a collaboration between MIT CTL and the Ningbo government, NISCI has leveraged MIT CTL’s experience as the pre-eminent center for supply chain knowledge creation to build a research institute at Ningbo, a major hub for global trade. Here, at the intersection of management and supply chain innovations, we use the experience, knowledge and resources culled from MIT to offer companies a premier comprehensive training program.

We specialize in supply chain management, freight transportation, global trade, and logistics, specialties which are unique among business schools in China. Our faculty members will work closely with you to integrate their tested and verified research methodologies into your company’s supply chain technology and strategy. This deep level of focus results in educational experiences that will produce measurable and sustainable change in your company’s operations and future growth. We have committed ourselves to helping organizations substantially improve their supply chain strategies and applications, which will in turn contribute to the fulfillment of the organization’s overall mission.

One size does not fit all, and we design each program differently. NISCI will develop a program that is tailored to your company and your company alone. We go through a highly collaborative process in order to understand the priorities and challenges that your organization faces; we then use this knowledge to deliver a unique program that maximizes the return on your investment.
 A customized NISCI program will be:
• Linked to your organization’s business strategy and development goals
• Customized for your distinct business and industry environment
• Tailored to your unique human resources and leadership development needs
• Supportive of your corporate culture, values and standards
• Designed to incorporate different forms of instruction
• Delivered on dates and at times convenient for participants

When working with your organization to design a customized program, NISCI will take into consideration its own professional knowledge and experience, the needs of the participants, and your organization’s priorities and challenges. The result will be an integrated program that drives positive changes in practice and delivers your company substantial results in operations and offerings.

This kind of customizable program is the fastest growing training solution format offered by leading business schools worldwide – whether in Europe, the United States, or the Asia-Pacific. We at NISCI believe that over the next decade in China, this trend will only continue to grow.


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