Position: Business Development Assistant

Job summary

Develop and maintain cooperative relationships with domestic and international institutions and corporates. The work content includes maintain external high-quality partnership resources, promote positive cooperative partnership establishment, and coordinating with Dept. team to achieve annual development goal. 

Main responsibility

1. Develop business to achieve the strategic cooperation objectives such as scientific research projects, laboratories, scientific research achievement transformation centers, and incubator projects, so that work objectives can be completed.

2. Collect global market and institutes directions on supply chain research, set up multi-channel communication platform and maintain relationships.

3. Assist manager to design overall business plan, budget and required resource, to carry out various tasks accordingly.

4. Investigate and follow up the institute's cooperation intention, support manager until sign the cooperation agreement.

5. Create daily and benign interactions with potential cooperation agencies, and resolve various issues in cooperation negotiations with the agencies.

6. Support to organize kinds of external activities, and obtain business opportunities for further strategic cooperation.

Competency and Capability  

1. Good international education background and professional work competency as well as years of relevant work experiences. Positive personality.

2. Bachelor degree or above, preferable in Education, Public/Business Administration, or Supply Chain Management.

3. Actively undertake cooperative projects, have strong project management capabilities and internal and external communication capabilities.

4. Basic supply chain management knowledge and the ability to quickly learn.

5. Strong capability to compile strategic business plan.

6. Fluence in English written and spoken skills.