Two hours to understand the future of warehousing!

June 04th, 2021


The rise in e-commerce, the diversification of manufacturing supply chains, and the continuing pressure on retailers and wholesalers to reach more and more consumers, is driving warehousing growth like never before. Industry 4.0 has ushered in Warehouse 4.0 – a new era of tech-centric warehouse solutions. 


Warehouses are an inevitable component in any supply chain. Nowadays, the warehouse is no longer simply regarded as four walls, a ceiling, and a floor where inventory rests but as an area ripe for smart transformation. Recent advances in robotics, computing, and sensors have paved the way for a vast number of new technologies that can help to increase warehouse efficiency and speed up order fulfillment. 



NISCI will hold a webinar on "the future of warehousing" on June 4th. Our speakers will deliver cutting edge use cases and share their best practice advice on building the next generation of warehouses.


本次研讨会由宁波(中国)供应链创新学院助理教授,麻省理工学院运输与物流中心兼职研究员Pascal Wolff组织举办。Pascal致力于研究包括运营、物流和供应链管理领域的各项课题。目前,Pascal将研究重点转移至供应链的数字化转型,研究利用数据驱动技术来改善物流运作,并探索了用于电子商务仓库的机器人移动履行系统的设计。 同时他也是《国际物流与物流管理杂志》(IJPDLM)等期刊的审稿人。

The webinar was organized by Pascal Wolff, assistant professor of NISCI, Research affiliate at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. Pascal is committed to the research of various topics including operation, logistics and supply chain management. At present, Pascal focuses on the digital transformation of supply chain, studies the use of data-driven technology to improve logistics operation, and explores the design of robot mobile fulfillment system for e-commerce warehouse. He also serves as a reviewer for journals such as the International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management.



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