System Development Specialist

Post on 2022 Oct 8th

Job Description

1.Be able to carry out architecture design and provide detailed technical implementation scheme based on various business requirements of the college's information system.
2.According to the system design scheme and demand logic, carry out front and back-end code writing, unit testing and deployment.
3.Be able to write standard technical design scheme documents.
4.Be responsible for the agile iterative development task with the college's information system, and be able to actively obtain work tasks and deliver them on time.
5.Participate in system operation and maintenance and technical support.
6.Be responsible for repairing bugs after the system goes online, collecting user feedback and providing improvement schemes.
7.Participate in project demand analysis, technical review, project regular meeting, project report and other meetings.
8.Be responsible for the daily management of the project, regularly collect project information and evaluate project risks.


1.Bachelor degree or above, major in computer science, information technology, mathematics and other related majors.
2.At least 3 years of development experience.
3.Have solid software theoretical foundation and good object-oriented analysis and design ability.
4.Have a solid foundation in Java, understand spring cloud, and be proficient in web application development under mainstream frameworks such as SpringBoot, Spring MVC and Mybatis.
5.Understand the configuration and use of middleware such as Nginx / Redis / MQ.
6.Master the development and design of common databases such as Oracle and MYSQL, and have the ability of database optimization.
7.Have good coding specification and programming style, and have clear logic.
8.Be familiar with Linux system and common linux commands, and understand container technology.
9.Fluent in Chinese and English, CET6 or equivalent.


7000-10000 yuan / month * 12 months

Please send your CV to or Call +86 (0)574 86008016

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