System Management Specialist

Post on 2022 Oct 8th

Job Description

1.Be responsible for the construction and management of the college's application system.
2.Be responsible for project demand research, demand analysis and preparation of demand specification.
3.Be responsible for the overall management of the project, organize the implementation of the project plan, monitor, and promote the progress of the project, test the progress, control the whole process and key links of the project, and timely change the project plan and implementation scheme according to the implementation of the project.
4.Be responsible for the daily management of the project, have simple code development and system operation and maintenance skills, regularly collect project information, and evaluate project risks.
5.Organize and participate in project demand analysis, technical review, project regular meeting, project report and other meetings.
6.Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.


1.Bachelor degree or above in computer science, information technology, engineering or related majors.
2.At least 3 years of it working experience.
3.Have solid project management knowledge and practical project experience.
4.Be familiar with software development process and principle, understand mainstream IT technologies such as cloud computing, big data and Internet of things, and be familiar with project management, software engineering, quality management and other related knowledge.
5.Have rich customer communication experience, strong adaptability, good at controlling demand changes, and demand management is preferred.
6.Have a good reserve of professional knowledge, such as Java programming language, database knowledge, modeling knowledge, etc., and understand and master the latest information in the industry.。
7.Customer service experience, experience in large-scale IT information system project manager, PMP certificate or information system project manager certificate is preferred.
8.Fluent in Chinese and English, CET6 or equivalent.


6000-9000 yuan / month * 12 months

Please send your CV to or Call +86 (0)574 86008016

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