Key Account Manager

Post on 2022 Oct 8th

Job Description

1.Formulate customer development plan according to the college strategy and product characteristics, maintain existing customers and develop new customers
2.Design corresponding courses, research and consulting products based on customer feedback and understanding of industry needs
3.Based on customer needs, use effective marketing skills, provide solutions from the perspective of consulting sales, and cooperate with the implementation.
4.Effectively combine and coordinate the resources and support of relevant departments of the college, carry out effective service management, and ensure the smooth implementation of the project.
5.Regularly feed back customer demand information and later product information to relevant departments to improve customer satisfaction by improving relevant services.


1.Bachelor degree or above, major in supply chain management and human resource management is preferred
2.Experience in sales, supply chain or consulting industry is preferred
3.Have certain business analysis ability, be able to fully understand customer needs, and give corresponding courses, research and consulting solutions
4.Have good communication skills, learning ability, logical thinking ability and pressure resistance ability
5.Understand the theoretical knowledge and practical experience related to training, human resources or supply chain. Industry background or customer resources are preferred.
6.Be able to work in a bilingual environment


10000-18000 yuan / month * 12 months

Please send your CV to or Call +86 (0)574 86008016

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