Research Assistant/Manager

Post on 2023 Mar 1th

Job Description

1.Conduct in-depth studies of industry cases and practices at the forefront of supply chain management in China and abroad;
2.Deeply communicate with supply chain-related enterprises to explore pain points related to the supply chain and develop solutions;
3.Write research reports.


1.Bachelor's degree or above required, master's degree preferred, majoring in supply chain management, finance, economics, accounting, or other related fields preferred;
2.More than 2 years of work experience in supply chain related industries;
3.Have excellent Chinese and English writing skills as well as communication skills;
4.Possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills;
5.Possess a keen business sense;
6.Be adaptable and able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, have good teamwork skills;
7.Have basic accounting knowledge and analytical abilities;
8.Have strong logical thinking, communication, and expression skills.


7000-15000 RMB/month * 12 months

Please send your CV to or Call +86 (0)574 86008016

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