Research Affairs Assistant

Post on 2023 Mar 1th

Job Description

1.Engaged in application and management of research project and talent projects;
2.Recruitment, visa application and other postdoctoral fellow relative work;
3.Assist in human resource related work, administrative work and daily reception for officers or entrepreneurs;
4.Provide daily service for foreign professors/postdoctoral fellow;
5.Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.


1.Bachelor Degree or above, Master Degree/major in supply chain management is preferred;
2.Good communication, logic and learning skills;
3.Have autonomy, responsibility, enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork spirit;
4.Proficient in office software and strong writing skills;
5.Fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, CET-6 or equivalent.


6000-10000 yuan / month * 12 months

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